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Did you just purchased a billiard table and are looking to have it professionally moved? You’ve found the right place! Give us a call to get your quote and schedule your appointment with our expert billiard table movers. We have decades of experience in the billiard table moves and services industry and have built a solid reputation with our customers. Call our team of expert billiard table movers for the best service and guarantee.

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The Cherry Hill Billiard Table Movers have been providing excellent professional billiard table moves for years. Be sure that you consider the risks of having your billiard table moved by anyone other than a professional.

The reason being is that it’s just too dangerous to do it yourself or with an inexperienced group of guys. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done if you take the risk because it obviously can.

Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to have experts come and tear it down and move it the way they’re meant to be moved.

One should always be cautious when moving a billiard table with anyone else other than a professional because only a professional knows how they should and shouldn’t be moved and not many people can consider themselves professional billiard table movers.

The billiard table moves with our nationally backed company are easier than ever, accompanied by a guarantee on our service. Give us a call for more information!

Why do billiard table moves should be taken care of by experienced technicians?

Our exclusive 1-Year service written guarantee protects you against any issues related to the workmanship of our billiard table movers and our work and our certificate of insurance protects you against the unexpected.

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Our tools used to level the billiard table after moving it are precise and we guarantee our work. Machinist levels and special tools are generally needed for a smooth move and proper billiard table setup with level.

If you are looking for a nice flat-playing billiard table then we urge you to call a professional in order to avoid future complications. Even if you aren’t an avid billiard player you still know the benefits of playing on a professionally set up and properly leveled billiard table.

We’re sure you also know what it’s like to play pool on a ragged old, unprofessionally installed and out of balance billiard table.

As Members of the American Billiard Installers Association, we make sure your table is perfectly moved and left in the best playing condition it can be when we’re finished. We are also obligated to return in case any issues arise within the 12 month period our exclusive guarantee covers.

Expert billiard table repair guaranteed for an entire year

Our years of experience in this industry have allowed us to properly take care of almost all types of billiard table services and repairs.

Let us take care of your billiard table move the right way. This task requires proper tools and techniques to avoid any damage to any of the billiard table components.

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Billiard table technicians need a high level of experience and skill in order to achieve a successful billiard table recovering job.

If this service is not handled properly, the cloth could end up wrinkled, with bubbles or torn if handled by inexperienced billiard table mechanics. This means the billiard table felt could be ruined and you would have to buy yet another cut of felt.

One of the most common repairs is the billiard table refelting, also the replacement of the rail cushions and pockets.

For these types of services, we will need to know specific details depending on the type of billiard table felt, pocket style or type of cushion, pictures also help a lot to properly take care of the billiard table repair or service needed.

We are residential and business billiard table movers and in addition to moving billiard tables, we also offer different billiard table services such as complete moves from one house to another from a residence to a business and vice versa, move to a garage or storage unit, a tear down only, setup or installation with leveling, billiard table refelting and billiard table repair services.

Professional billiard table moves and expert billiard table repair

The billiard table moves in businesses may incur extra charges in the event we encounter complicated moves with elevators or have parking issues for your job.

There may be extra fees for excessive stairs when moving a 3 piece slate billiard table. In case your table is a single slate top, we will definitely need to know the size of the table and stair situation, such as if there are any turns or if we have to go up or down.

Billiard tables that have just one solid piece of slate are extremely heavy and difficult to move, so depending on the situation we may or may not be able to move it because of liability issues.

We understand that tables are of high value and some can mean very much to our customers, which is why we treat them with the utter care that they deserve and are covered accordingly. Give us a call and schedule your billiard table to move with the best service providers in the area.

We are the only company with an exclusive 1-Year service guarantee that eliminates the risk during the billiard table moves and warrants the materials used for any billiard table repair

Please consider the risks involved when moving your billiard table, these could mean costly damage to the billiard table or even injury. Our exclusive 1-Year service written guarantee covers any issues related to our work and our certificate of insurance protects you against the unexpected. Let our trained professionals take care of your billiard table move.

Pricing depends on the dimensions of the billiard table, the type of move and circumstances surrounding the move. We recommend you to check on our billiard table dimensions guide page to get accurate pricing.

What makes the difference between a bad game and a nice flat-playing billiard table?

Keeping the billiard table felt clean and well maintained, not to mention applied correctly by a professional its key piece of having a nice flat-paying billiard table. You also want to make sure that your billiard table is correctly leveled and well installed.

A billiard table can go out of the level for a few different reasons.

In our experience, the main problem with any type of billiard table service is when inexpert individuals try to move, repair, setup or teardown a billiard table, with no knowledge or professionalism.

This usually happens when someone decides to perform a “Do It Yourself” tutorial.

In other cases, it happens that a non-professional or “cheap” technician inexperienced in billiard table repair caused your billiard table repair to be substandard, leveling to be out of balance and sadly, it will continue to cost money to have the billiard table repair to be done by someone with the proper experience and tools.

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But don’t worry, we got you covered. Our technicians are professionally trained and have decades of experience in the billiard table repair service. Feel free of any risk knowing that you have a 1-year guarantee backed by the ABIA.

The best way of having your billiard table repair done right is by calling an expert

The cheapest and fastest way to get billiard table service done correctly is to call a professional like us. Our professional billiard table installers will set up your billiard table with proper tools and shimming techniques according to the type of floor it will be installed on.

Each piece of slate will be leveled at an extremely precise level to ensure that your billiard table installation will be 100% accurate and flat. This process of leveling the base, wedging, shimming and tightening screws on the slates takes the experience to be done correctly.

We provide moving services for most billiard tables. We move from home to home, business to business or garage to garage for storage. We do complete moves, tear down only, set up or installation only and billiard table refelting performed by the best billiard table installers in

Cherry Hill Billiard Table Moves & Billiard Table Repair

We will properly uninstall your billiard table and safely prepare it to be moved. Taking the slates from the frame and getting the table into a bunch of smaller pieces so they can be easily set up at the new location. Once at the new locations our team of professionals will install the table from the ground up, with precise new leveling on the surface to ensure a clean install and a perfect playing field.

Factors involved in billiard table moving

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We use the appropriate tools and techniques to provide a high quality and efficient billiard table move. The idea is to do disassemble it with ease, so re-installations can be easy and precise.

The last thing you want is to damage your billiard table in the process. That’s what pros are for.

To determine the price of moving the billiard table we must take into account the dimensions of the table, the type, and model of table, as some are easier to disassemble and reassemble than others, and any other circumstances and situation of the move.

We offer services for most types of billiard tables. These include moving from one home to another, from a home to a storage garage in the event of wanting it back on the property, from home to business and vice versa. Other services include disassemble, installations, felt replacements, leveling and more.

The process of moving and installing a billiard table can be a very dangerous process on your own, because of the heavy pieces or the risk of damaging your table, or worse, yourself or your property. A professional certainly will make that risk as small as it can be, by taking appropriate measures to ensure safe, satisfactory billiard table services.

The risks involved in possible damage or injury can be high. Let Cherry Hill Billiard Table Movers take care of all your billiard table needs.